Has an Ancient Biblical Status for Non-Jews Reemerged After 2500 Years?

Most people think the Bible separates humanity into two basic categories – Jew and Gentile. In truth, the Bible has a third category, known in Torah literature as Ger.

There are 60 verses in the Hebrew Bible that use the Hebrew word Ger (plural Gerim). It is almost always mistranslated as stranger or foreigner. It is also understood to mean convert.

According to Rabbis Chaim Clorfene and David Katz, co-authors of The World of the Ger, Ger is actually a third category, between Jew and Gentile, that existed in Biblical times and is re-emerging today as redemption draws ever closer.

Rabbi Clorfene spoke to Breaking Israel News about the connection between Ger and geula (redemption). “The Maharal (famous 16th century Jewish scholar) says that before the geula can come, the old order has to collapse, along with its institutions and processes and systems. I believe that the primary agent of the collapse will be the Gentile who comes to the Torah, connects with the Jewish people, and keeps the Sabbath,” he proclaimed.

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