Christian woman creates doorpost blessings based on the Bible

I found this story, recently published on Times of Israel, about a Christian woman in New York who sells “doorpost blessings” based on her reading of the Hebrew Bible, an interesting illustration of how Jewish ideas are becoming more well-known among the Nations. The doorpost blessings she is selling are clearly not the same as the mezuzot that Jews hang on our doorposts, but they are based on the same Biblical source.

Below is an excerpt from the story with a link to read the whole article.

‘Christian mezuzah’ maker says Jewish roots behind her Doorpost Blessings

… Nor is Goode the only Christian to take on a Jewish practice in the name of fulfilling Old Testament dictates. Some evangelical Christians wear ritual fringes or kippahs, and some hold Passover seders — something Goode says she has done in the past. Several fringe evangelical denominations, including the Living Church of God, eschew mainstream Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter in favor of observing Old Testament festivals on the Jewish calendar.

But unlike Christoozah and the Living Church of God, Goode does not credit Jews — and specifically the practice of hanging mezuzahs — with inspiring the product she sells. There is no mention of Judaism or mezuzahs on the Doorpost Blessing website, though Goode told JTA she finds the Jewish mezuzah “a beautiful item.”

“I’m not referring to a mezuzah,” she said of her creations. “I’m doing what the commandment says. I’m doing it from a Christian perspective, not a Jewish perspective. I would see similarity in that there’s a blessing hung around the door frame, but other than that I credit the Bible.”

Mendel Kugel, a Manhattan rabbi who runs MezuzahMe, a service for selling and examining mezuzahs, says Goode’s project is a testament to the mezuzah’s resonance as a ritual item. But he worries that the presence of Christian mezuzahs will make it easier to mistakenly purchase a non-kosher mezuzah.

“It just shows that it’s such an important thing that Christians also want it,” Kugel said.

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