Why every review on Amazon.com is so important


A few days ago, contributor Pete Rambo published this review of Ten From The Nations on Amazon.com. What I particularly appreciated about his review, and it’s a point highlighted in others’ comments as well, is how clear he is that Ten From The Nations is not always a comfortable book to read, but it should be read anyway.

The controversial nature of the book is best illustrated by its first 1-star view, written by a different reader who is not happy that some people in the book “have agreed not to proclaim the Jewish people’s messiah to them.

Pete went an extra step and elaborated on his review in a blog post which you can read here. He encourages readers to share the book with others, but first, they should be warned. “Gently, let them know it is not for the faint of heart, but these many testimonies of Jews and non-Jews, collected by Dr. Adler, are a window into what God is doing in our day. Enjoy the stories you agree with, be challenged by those you don’t.”

Chances are, everyone reading this post already knows that the book is theologically controversial. That’s why every review on Amazon.com is so important! It helps establish social proof that Ten From The Nations is worth reading, despite the discomfort it engenders. When people read the book, they are more clearly able to see the bigger picture of the whole Torah awakening phenomenon, and God’s undeniable Hand in it.

If you’ve already read the book, I would really appreciate if you would take a few minutes to share your impressions here.