Hashem Keeps Opening Doors!

I’ve been busy with the business of exploring the Torah awakening among non-Jews. Here are some updates from the past few weeks.

A colleague wrote a critical review of Ten From The Nations in which she expressed grave reservations about the prudence of Jewish people having anything to do with people from the Nations, much less being involved in teaching them Torah. Her review is here:
Review: Ten From The Nations (Judean Rose)

Picking up on that theme, my friend Paula Stern from Israel Blogger wrote a second less than positive review in which she revealed what a lot of Jewish people think. “Dr. Rivkah Adler is a close friend and a brilliant writer. When I heard she’d written a book, I was anxious to read it. The topic made me uneasy. Ten From The Nations is a book about ‘Torah awakening among non-Jews.’ As I read Rivkah’s book, the thought, ‘but do we want non-Jews to be ‘awakened’ to our Torah?’ stayed firmly in my mind.” The full review is here: Ten From The Nations (Book Review)

I was fortunate to have been given the chance to respond, which I did here: These Are Not Your Grandparents’ Goyim

I also wrote a story about the opportunity for Christians to come to Israel and serve and learn, without a missionizing agenda. That story is here: Nations Come To The Galilee To Serve

Finally, I had the chance to do an interview with Judy Simon from Life Lessons on Israel National Radio. Judy’s introduction reads, “When a non-Jew recognizes that the Torah is true, from whom do they learn Torah? Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler has the answer.” Here’s the link to the hour-long interview: Jews and the non-Jews who love the

And now you’re up-to-date! I’d love to hear your comments and questions.

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  1. Rivkah, my question is, who are these people. Are they just ordinary goyim like the mixed multitude in the wilderness?
    I don’t think so. Some maybe, but I think a small percentage.
    In Ezekiel 4:1-7, Ezekiel is to make a siege against Jerusalem, but then put an iron plate between himself and Jerusalem to protect against the siege. And it says this is a sign to Israel. Then he is told to lie on his left side a day for a year 390 days. He is to bare the inquity of Israel. Next he switches to his right side for 40 days and does the same for Judah.
    This seems pretty plain it is a time of protection. Interistingly Israel was many years dispersed at this time.
    Anyway if time for repentance is given and it doesn’t happen Vayikra chapter 26 says if you don’t repent it is seven times more. Obviously Israel didn’t repent as shown in Ezekiel.
    So seven times more would be 2730 years. Taking the gregorian date for the fall of Shomeron of 721-722 BCE that punishment time would have expired in 2009-10. These dates could be a few years on way or the other.
    These people are the children of the captivity. Mikah 5:2-3; basically says Mishocah will not come till the remnant of His brothers return to Israel. Almost every prophet speaks of the regathering of all of Yakkov.
    The Christians haven’t figured out how they are yet but are awakening ar an alarming rate. And there is an un mesaureable number of people across this earth right now, who have left church and are keeping Torah at some level, and know who they are.
    Why? The punishment time is up.
    What was taken from divorced Israel (Jer 3:8). Hoseah 2:11; I will cause all her (Israel) rejoicing, her festivals, her new moons, her Shabbats, even all her appointed times to cease !
    It’s no wonder Israel lost her identity so quickly.
    But now they can have them back and these are the very first things they are returning to. Usually beginning with Pesach.
    There are no idle words in Scripture as you certainty know, so when Zekaryah 8:23 says ten men will be pulling on the edge of the shirt of one Y’hudah saying come let us go with you for surely you know Elohim, the ten is no coincidence. Excuse my paraphrase.
    We are the children of the captivity!

    The idea that Torah belongs to the Jews alone doesn’t fit the picture of Torah and the Prophets .
    All Israel was chosen to be a first born nation a kingdom of priest to take Torah to the nations. Judah at a huge cost has preserved it, and we are grieved because of the suffering of Judah, as is also prophecyed. Now we are reaching out to know more about your ways and your understandings.
    Abraham was picked as the father of all Israel because he was about preserving family, building up family and having his tent open to anyone.
    Judah adopted the school of Hillel at Yavneah. Now is the time to exhibt his spirit more than ever.
    The phenomenon that is is going on in the world right now is being perfectly orchestrated by Hashem and to try to get in the way of it will probably be like sleeping on the railroad tracks.
    Thank you for allowing me to speak.

    1. Conner – Most Jews don’t (yet) know enough to differentiate among different kinds of Christians. And most Jews think of the Torah as belonging to us exclusively. There’s a lot of paradigm shifting going on all around! I certainly agree with you that, from my perspective, it looks like this is a trend that’s building towards Redemption and will only increase.

      1. Amen, may redemption be soon.
        One other thing I didn’t mention is in Ezekiel 37 the two sticks becoming one happens in the land. I think this is an important understanding because Israel (the lost 10 tribes) while still scattered among the nations will become a nation again.
        I have said for years that it an identity crises among Ephrayim. Once everybody realizes who they are the rest will be so much easier.
        Interestingly enough for me, I have become as much, if not more, involved with the anusim as I am with the lost tribes.
        I moved to south west Texas four years ago to help people coming out of church to learn Torah. We get them on a Torah cycle and then connect them with Rabbis on the internet, so that they may learn from the deeper understandings through commentary etc.
        Its exciting and fun but something unexpected happened. The Hispanic population is waking up to their Jewishness. This is happening in large numbers. I can’t even guess how many.
        So we are dealing with them the same way but are connecting them with those in Israel that can help them understand immigration as well as getting them into the Torah and etc.
        I believe the anusim need to be in the land, being they are Jews, before the lost tribes return and redemption happens.

        Excuse my rambling just some thoughts.

        I’m wondering if you might want to develop a program on line just for the anusim? I could probably direct large numbers your way through my friends who are having conferences for them to help them understand, first who they are and next how to return to their roots and heritage.
        I do believe from my personal experience they need to be dealt with some what differently than Christians coming out of church. For one thing most of them are coming out of catholic back grounds. The difference is they were not allowed to read the bible and sometimes don’t know scripture at all, where as the Christians usually have some understanding of the Tanak.


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