Things Are Really Starting To Move Around Here

There’s so much going on I can hardly keep up! The Ten From The Nations book is working exactly as I hoped it would – as a platform to have (often sensitive and difficult) conversations around what’s going on with the worldwide Torah awakening.

Last week, I made the first Torah School for the Nations video in which I introduced the way Torah study is approached by traditional Jewish people. This humble 4-minute video ignited a fire on Facebook, upset a lot of people from the Nations who disputed nearly every claim I made and got me blocked from two Hebrew Roots Facebook groups.

At the same time, I received plenty of heart-warming feedback from people who encouraged me to continue making these videos. This video has been watched over 900 times on Facebook. It’s also been uploaded to YouTube. If you can’t see theĀ  thumbnail below, click here to watch the 4-minute video.

I’ll be posting new content on Facebook and I also opened a new YouTube channel to reach those who aren’t on Facebook. Please click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll be notified whenever there’s a new video posted.

I also added some new content to the website in response to frequent questions I get from people who aren’t sure which resources are good to start learning authentic Torah. I put together this guide to help.

Finally, on February 7, there was a Ten From The Nations book talk and presentation held at Hub Etzion in Gush Etzion, Israel. I shared the podim with Gidon Ariel of Root Source, Rabbi Ari Abramowitz of The Land of Israel Network and Tommy Waller of HaYovel. The full video runs an hour and 42 minutes. My part starts at one minute in and I speak for just under 20 minutes. Special thanks to Shannon Nuszen for her help with this video and to Rachel Moore of Hub Etzion for hosting the event.

In my talk, I mentioned an article I had just written about Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh’s call to the Jewish people to teach Torah to the Nations. You can read the article on Breaking Israel News here.

If you can’t see the thumbnail below, click here to watch.

Wow. That was an incredibly full post with lots to read and watch. My thanks to all of you for being part of this journey.


  1. So, I am excited that many pieces of a large puzzle are falling into place. While, it looks to the casual observer that this puzzle is far from finished that would only be taking a cursory glance. Pieces are starting to fall into place. I am familiar with many of the organizations that Rivkah Lambert Adler is now dialoguing with on a regular basis, and it is exciting that they all are getting connected. I have a birds eye view from over here in the NW of the USA; watching and listening to most of them for different reasons for a long long time. I am tremendously grateful to the folks at HaYovel for their past friendship and Hebrew lessons. I listen daily to podcasts and eagerly hang on even word coming from the faithful in the Land. I pray everyday for the safety of those who love HaShem, and those who don’t even know they love HaShem yet, so they get a chance to be “awakened” by G-D and see what marvelous things He has in store for them. I pray for Jerusalem constantly and ask for it to be cleansed of unrighteousness and for it to be returned to G-D fearing Israel under the leadership of the Anointed One yet to come very very soon, please G-D. This book she’s written is SO important for many reasons. Yes, the views are starkly different, but it is undeniable that the Creator of the universe is on the move all over the place and good things are happening to bring about the geula. I get teary because my story though unique is so similar to those in the book and now, it’s been published for all the world to read about. How powerful to witness the beginnings of a repair between Jacob and Judah. I bless us all with the desire to keep learning and leaning into HaShem as He helps us all process the areas He wants to straighten out and correct. May we all live to see more fully the tapestry He is weaving made of His people in His Land His way. Shalom Rivkah, keep up the good and important work you and your colleagues are doing!

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