My Walk With Torah

by Patrick Van Den Noortgaete

As a youngster I grew up in a family that was not active in religion. My mother went now and then to a Catholic church, my father not at all and I in the context of school.

Growing up and having the benefit of a quality education in a Catholic school, I was aware that nature was far too complex to be a result of random evolution.

In discussions I would say that nature had to be created but I was not really concerned about it. I was living my life.

At the age of 31, Abba allowed me to meet my future wife in Paris. She is Mexican and was very Catholic. We made occasional visits to churches, but as they were almost empty and with no life, we didn’t spend much time there.

Mexican friends who were homeschooling and who still are Evangelical Christians were a great inspiration for us and Abba used them to bring us a step closer to the Truth.

In 2005, we were introduced to the teachings of Mike Clayton [whose story appears in Ten From the Nations: Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews] about Torah. This seemed a lot more logical to us and that’s when our walk with Torah began. All this happened simultaneously with my wife.

I always found that we do not need a religion, we need a relationship with Abba. So I call myself not even a Messianic.

I define myself as “a child of Abba who is hearing His Voice, walks in His direction, choosing for Truth and Life.”

Too many people who start following this Hebrew Roots movement just start to imitate Jewish religious customs without reflecting on them, without realizing that they are falling again in the trap of religion.

The Land of Israel, although today not yet really what it will become, has a central place in this calling. The physical archeology proves that.

The Torah are the Instructions which the Father has given to mankind so that if they walk in them, it will go well with them.

God’s family is called Israel and is in a process of restoration and enlargement. At the end, when the goal is reached, it won’t matter if you are a native or a foreigner who desires to be grafted in. They all will be of one family, of one mind, one new man. All will be as natives.

My spiritual goals are to grow in understanding Torah, His Instructions, to become of one Mind with my brothers and sisters, to grow in a close relationship with the Father, to not be ashamed to talk in His Name and to have a firm foundation so that my family and I can build upon it.

We are coming to the end of the first 6000 years of Creation. That’s when we expect Messiah will return on earth.

Abba is calling His People, His family. We may have lost sight on who and where are the ten tribes in exile, but Abba didn’t lose anyone. He knows where His People are. Do we hear His Voice?

Hearing this Calling will lead us to the Greater Exodus. He will bring His Family, Israel, natives and foreigners that are grafted in and therefore part of the Covenant, to Mount Zion. The 1000 year reign under King Messiah will come into being.

It will lead to the Revelation of who Messiah really is. Just as Jozef [Joseph] revealed Himself to his brothers who did not recognize Him because of his Egyptian disguise, so will Yeshua reveal Himself as the Lion of Judah, not recognized by His People due to His pagan disguise within the different churches.

Although today most of the Jewish community does not want or can’t see this, it is prophesied that their eyes, which are closed now, will be opened.

The whole movement of Awakening in the Nations is based on this understanding. Orthodox Jews may not be happy to hear this, although it is the Truth.


Patrick Van Den Noortgaete was born in Belgium in 1959 and is married to a Mexican wife. They have four children, the oldest of whom is a daughter who was born in 1997. Van Den Noortgaete is a master in constructional engineering and spent most of his professional career as owner of a metal construction company that manufactured a non-electric coffee maker. Recently Van Den Noortgaete worked as a math teacher. He is currently working on an online platform for homeschooling called “??? ?????” where Torah has a central place.