Will You Be In Israel on November 6?

NOTE: I was asked to share this special invitation with you. It comes from contributor Tommy Waller’s organization HaYovel.

You are invited to attend a SALUTE TO CHRISTIAN ZIONIST VOLUNTEERS in the Knesset.

The event will include speeches by Speaker of the Knesset MK Yuli Yoel Edelstein, MK Sharren Haskel, and a special segment of the internationally acclaimed film, I Am Israel, as well as representation by the film’s director and producers.

Monday, November 6th, 2017
12:00 noon to 1:30PM
Shilansky Auditorium, the Knesset.

All participants must be pre-registered to gain entrance to the event. Deadline to register is October 30th. Click https://www.hayovel.com/events/i-am-israel-showing/ to register.

You can also send an email at Luke@HaYovel.com or call
US: 573-222-0460
Israel: 058-407-9454